Repatriation of the deceased, exhumation, cremation. Minsk and Belarus. BelRequiem® the Funeral Agency

The repatriation
(or transportation)
of a deceased body back home

Unfortunately, sometimes the end of human's life can happen far away from his or her home. Because each country may have its own repatriation regulations, the process of returning a loved one to his or her homeland may often be lengthy and complicated. Our agency helps to organize the international transportation of the deceased as quickly and efficiently as possible

Our funeral agency works with foreign embassies and consulates and helps to fill out all the necessary paperwork. We work with transport companies (air, railway, hearse van) and provide special coffins which comply with the requirements of the chosen type of transportation. We also help in escorting and loading the coffin, as well as delivering it to the final resting place and helping to organize interment / cremation 

the repatriation of the deceased
involves the following:

• collection of and processing the documents required for transporting and receiving of the coffin

• translation of documents and their notarization, if necessary 

• coordination with embassies/consulates, obtaining permission to export the coffin

• coordination with the receiving or sending party (relatives or their representatives, funeral organizations of the destination country)

• preparation of the body for transportation, embalming

• arranging for a coffin that complies with all transport regulations

• resolving all potential issues with transport companies

• producing paperwork that will travel with the coffin

• making reservations for the selected type of transport

• registration and loading and/or receiving of the coffin 

About us

funeral аgency "BelRequiem®"


The funeral agency "BelRequiem®" provides funeral services in Minsk and the Minsk region since 2003. One of the services of the agency is the organization of the repatriation process to and from the Republic of Belarus.

The funeral agency BelRequiem® is a specially developed brand (trademark, service mark), which is used to describe funeral activities and provision of related goods and services.

BelRequiem® is an officially registered trademark (service mark) (certificate No. 24384, issued by the National Center for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus, valid since 09.17.2004).

The use of the name “Funeral Agency BelRequiem®” to carry out funeral-related work is currently permitted only to the following organizations:

     1. Individual entrepreneur Amialishka Alena, the certificate of the state registration No. 101294908, is issued 3.12.2003 by the Central RIC, Minsk. Account No. BY27BLBB30130101294908001001 in the Directorate of OJSC “Belinvestbank” in Minsk and Minsk region, Minsk, Kollektornaya St., 11, code BLBBBY2X.

2. Private enterprise “Prius-Ultima”, the certificate of the state registration No. 190919335, issued on 12.18.2007 by the Central RIC, Minsk. Account No. BY28BLBB30120190919335001001 in the Directorate of OJSC “Belinvestbank” in Minsk and Minsk region, Minsk, Kollektornaya St., 11, code BLBBBY2X.

 Dzmitry Hashko, The Director of the funeral agency BelRequiem®